Natural Horsemanship Riding lessons


Our riding lessons are all based in natural horsemanship. Learn to ride or improve your riding by finding and securing your seat and balance point with fun exercises and bareback practice. Learn to use your body and energy to create an understandable physical connection with the horses you ride, Learn how your rain aids affect the horse's body and back up your body aids. For upper-level riding incorporate natural horsemanship to improve your dressage- with natural horsemanship technogeeks and for natural horsemanship students, we provide coaching to improve your freestyle and fineness riding. Our lessons take place in our spacious ring with beautiful views of the tropical mountains.


Jumping is fun for both horse and rider when practiced with Natural horsemanship. Challenge yourself with this fun and exciting way to improve your riding skills and partnership.

Jumping lessons

A one hour lesson is $45

A one hour lesson is $45

Combine your vacation with fun and informative horseback riding lessons!