A list of our Prices

Riding lessons

Trail rides

Single person rooms


Two Cabinas

Natural horsemanship sessions


Airport pickup

Tours of other Costa Rican Attractions.
The price for a two-hour basic ride is $50

This ride is tailored for what the riders feel ready for as far as trotting and cantering.

A more technical ride for experienced riders is $70

River crossing and cantering are necessary for this ride.

A technical day ride approximately five hours with lunch stop for experienced riders is $90

Choose from ride to a local restaurant or a river picnic.

Double Bed Cabinas  – $45 a night per room.  Single occupancy.

For double occupancy, the price is $55 a night per room.
  Breakfast is included with these rooms.

The Apartment Style Unit – $75 per night. Breakfast is included for up to four people.


Two Room Cabin – $20 per night per room one person per room breakfast included.


You may like us to take you to some of the many interesting attractions within just a few hours from the farm. Contact us for a full list of our tours and information.


We focus intensely on safety at all levels.  All horseback riding lessons are based in Natural Horsemanship.  All students are required to wear helmets.     Horseback riding Lessons are $45


Natural horsemanship is a way of communicating and interacting with horses based on the observation of horses communicating and playing with each other.
It is a way to develop a partnership with the horse rather than just obedience. Our sessions are based in  P arelli with other influences.  One session is $45

Your host Abel. the friendly face that will greet you at the airport.
 From San Jose $65 Late hours $75

Our lunches and dinners are 7.50 per person per meal and can accomidate special dietartary needs