Trail Riding

Riding Lessons

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We focus intensely on safety at all levels.  All horseback riding lessons are based in Natural Horsemanship.  All students are required to wear helmets.

Horseback riding Lessons are $45 Aproxametly one hour
All ages wellcome.

Natural horsemanship is a way of communicating and interacting with horses based on the observation of horses communicating and playing with each other.
It is a way to develop a partnership with the horse rather than just obedience. Our program is baced on the parelli seven games. with other influence a one hour session is $45

Sessions in Natural Horsemanship

Our trail rides very from a two-hour beginner or intermediate ride $50 per person.

A two and a half hour advanced technical ride $70 per person.

Or a five-hour lunch ride with your choice of going to a  river for a picnic or to a pizza place in a small village. $90 per person

 Brenda was first introduced to the philosophy of Monty Roberts at  Ben Martin Stables in California at the age of 14 and competed for several years in western and English pleasure.  Throught her life Brenda went on to study classical dressage, show jumping and eventing.  She was reintroduced to Natural Horsemanship in 2008 when she hosted her first seminar with five star Parelli professional David Lichman at Establo San Rafael.  Since then she has continued with Natural Horsemanship and has hosted many Parelli seminars here at Establo San Rafael.  She now has over 35 years of expierence with horses. Brenda incorporates Natural Horsemanship techniques into all of her training and teachings.  Since coming to Costa Rica in 2004, she and her husband Abel have built the beautiful equestrian facilities of Establo San Rafael where Brenda practices her horsemanship and teaches students from around the world.  You will be inspired to see her connection and communication with horses.